With the New Year comes resolutions, intentions, goals and reflections, and not necessarily, in that order.

Encaustic, collage on book page

encaustic, collage on book page
7″ x 5″

There is something about the circle that has surfaced in my work over the years- targets, cells, bubbles, sometimes as a void, other times creating a pattern.

Here, the word Index rests in the midst of a burned out circle, with air bubbles embedded in the book pages and heavy waxed surface.  When I now look at this earlier piece I see it as a reminder that whatever my goals and ambitions are for the New Year, the way to navigate through the pages of my life is to stay centered, through meditation, yoga, and a regular studio practice.

shoe painting ©NanciHersh

Scott’s squash sneakers
acrylic on canvas
12″ x 12″

For my husband Scott, his grounding is on the squash court; smashing that little ball for hours. He claims “the love of the game pales in comparison to the love of his wife” (who’s he kidding.)  I do know however, that when he is done, having ran all his opponents into the ground, dripping with sweat, and yes, then showered, he is one happy centered camper- and a great husband and partner.

So, how do you find your center?

Whatever that is, Wishing you a very happy, healthy, creative, and inspired 2015.

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