collage of teen activist
Malala Yousafzi
Want to learn more about the women we
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February is the perfect time to start this new project with YoungMoms of Kennett Square made possible by a Leeway Foundation Art & Change Grant.
YoungMoms is a great group of young women and volunteers
supported Lisa Macmain, founder and creater of this group
and director, Linda Mercner.
We first worked together with a Leeway Foundation ACG ‘2010 collograph prints using recycled baby and toddler clothing as our print matrix to tell the stories of motherhood. We stiffened these articles of clothing with gel medium, rolled up with ink and ran through an etching press. Then, inn 2011 we created Altered Books and journals through a grant by an anonymous generous donor.
We discussed characteristics of a hero… and then learned about these
8 women and created collages with words and images.
The intention of this new residency is to learn about women who have faced challenges and adversity to create positive change in the world. Based on what we learn about them- and ourselves, we are working collaboratively to create collages, drawings and for our main project, mixed media sculptures.
Somaly Mam & Sonya Sotomayor
Oprah Winfrey

Taking risks, being brave, putting others first, helpful, inspiring… feeling the love, and so happy to have the privilege of working with this young women and YoungMoms once again.

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