Workshops, both teaching, and attending, are an important and integral part of my art practice.  
I love the exchange of ideas and energy with everyone involved and as in last week’s Marshall Bridge Welding Workshop with Stan Smokler. This year’s two workshops mark Stan’s 10th anniversary holding these workshops at his rustic and beautiful Kennett Square studio. 
An accomplished sculptor, a generous hands on teacher and the host with the most, including lunches, plenty of water, goggles, ear plugs, safety glasses, cool scarf or welding hat, and a t-shirt. 
He also makes sure we have all the help we need.  With 10 participants for each week, salvaged steel, and some pretty intimidating equipment, it was Stan’s techs who were often our “go to” guys, our extra set of hands and the technical know how that kept us safe and out of trouble.

Artist and sculptor Dennis Beach has been helping out at Stan’s workshops for years. Here he is giving me an extra set of hands.
photo by Gabe Rothwell

By the end of each day I was physically exhausted but also energized, and had a hard time sleeping I was so excited at night. Now a week later, my one small burn on the top of my hand and  the cut I got on my index finger are healing, I am catching up on my sleep and bringing some new ideas into my studio.

Even my beloved Patagonia hat that I have had for 18 years and wore
while welding to keep my bandana on is finally clean again!
Here’s to new beginnings!

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