Taking a Line For a Walk

Group Exhibition curated by Mat Tomezsko for InLiquid. 

May 27- October 1, 2023

Taking a Line for a Walk is an exhibition of artwork united by line as a formal and conceptual element. Spanning a diverse array of media, rich with associative qualities, the artwork consists of sculpture, assemblage, painting, and ceramics. However, each artwork can also be seen as drawing in space. Beginning with a chosen material, be it pipe cleaner, clay, plastic, or acrylic, each artist allows for the form and meaning to meander and fuse, becoming something spectacular and unique, always with an eye to the linear quality of the composition.

To make an appointment to view the exhibition contact: Clare Finin: clare@inliquid.org


Park Towne Place, 2200 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA.

Chapel of Tears

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