Daily Drawing 9-1-08 (way back when..)

10 Blog Titles you May see forthcoming (or not)
but this BLog Triage class has my wheels a spinning!!!

1. Art Phallicies: Is it Good, JUST because it’s Big and has a Head?!
2. Art Soul Food: 10 Ingredients to Keep “em Coming Back for More
3. Hung up on Art? What’s on Your Walls?
4. Warning – Creative Muses at Large! Who Lurks in Your Studio?
5. Give ’em a Piece of Your Mind- Curating Your Obsessions/ Collections
6. Mommy Dearest: Being an Artist and a Mom without the Wire Hangers!
7. Suburban Cowgirl: Finding Art in all the Wrong Places
8. Art in the Class: an Antidote for Teaching to the Test
9. Cancer & Art: Creativity is the best Revenge
1 0. OUT OF OFFICE REPLY: Artist Retreats – Self Imposed EXILE

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