Koi #6
Acrylic on canvas
14″ x 14″

Effort (less.)  Funny how we can work and work on something, falls into the overworked pile. Then we leave it, let it go.  Rework it and poof, effortlessly it comes together. Of course that is a myth- it’s logging in all those miles/hours to get there.  That’s what happened with this painting.  Had a different incarnation for months (more than a year) never felt right, but kept it up on a wall for the heck of it.

Then poof. I knew what I wanted to do.  Now Koi #6 is up at the 2012 Annual Regional Art Exhibition at the Center for Creative Arts with an Honorable Mention.  Opening reception is tomorrow night, October 18, 6-8 pm.

Come say hi.

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