Encaustic collage on board by Nanci Hersh

Smoke Screen
encaustic, collage on board
6″ x 6″

You just never know where inspiration comes from- or where it will take you…

I’m sitting in the backseat of the car behind the driver- a male, who changes from a friend from college to my husband Scott. “He” is smoking a cigarette and despite the front window being down a bit at the top, smoke is filling the car, wafting to the back. 

I (literally) wake up coughing. Thankfully, no smoke to be found in the house.

Or is there???

Dreams have informed my work and given me insight throughout my life. So here are my questions:

Is my male energy driving my female? Where were we going? and, where is there a smoke screen in my life? or What am I choking on?

Deep thoughts from a back seat driver.


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