Day #8 of What’s in My Drawers.

When my children were younger, I did a series of prints, drawings and encaustic (hot wax) pieces using recycled infant and toddler clothing as a vehicle for telling stories about parenting, memory and childhood.

Encaustic mixed media piece @NanciHersh

encaustic, copper leaf, collage on birch panel
12″ x 9″ framed with brushed silver metal ©Nanci Hersh   $125.00


Before our son Griffin could speak, I taught him the hand sign for “more” as in more food. He then quickly learned to sign more when he wanted more of anything.

This is a mixed media piece with a photo lithograph of swing chains and fencing from a playground that we would go near the beach. It is collaged on board with a baby’s bib, encaustic, and copper leaf.

Some things never change; as a teenager, Griffin still is still asking for more- food (how come we never have any in the house!) money for gas, etc.

But as my “baby” is getting ready to go off to college next year, I am the one asking for more- time.

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