What’s in My Drawers is back!

Now through the end of the month I will be posting work from my flat files- or walls, many which have never been exhibited before. Starting with…Come Hither.

Painting orchids is as alluring as having them grace your home. Sultry, sexy and exotic they bring up thoughts of tropical places and sensual pleasures. Here, this orchid, painted from life is layered with a page from an old dictionary (can you decipher what it is a picture of??), and a sample of wallpaper.  From my job in the floral design department at Winterthur Museum and Gardens to my studio collection of old books and different papers, Come Hither reads like a page from my journal, or an invitation to take a trip to the tropics. Hawaii Calls…

Mixed media collage on paper by @NanciHersh

Come Hither, acrylic, collage on paper, 12″x12″ ©NanciHersh $125.00 with free shipping


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