Connecticut based artist Catherine Hartigan is this week’s guest blogger for our Artist as Collector Series.
 Glenna Hartmann, Canyon Sycamores 
18″ x 24″ 
©Glenna Hartmann
collection of Catherine Hartigan
Having spent many vacations in California, I always felt the need to take something back to the east coast with me.  

While visiting there in 1994, I became interested in Glenna Hartmann’s  pastel work represented by the Easton Gallery in Santa Barbara. We had to catch an early flight back home and disappointingly never got to the gallery. I stayed in contact with the owner, Ellen Easton with the hope of finding the right piece. In 2007, I found myself back in LA, and on my birthday we took a beautiful drive north to finally see her work. 

Glenna Hartmann’s pastel“Canyon Sycamores” reminds me what I love most about California… the landscape. The earthy canyon tones are a subtle contrast to the blue in the mountains and ocean.  What really drew me in was the “orange glow “of the sycamores.  As a photographer, I’m always looking for that color burst or subtle shift of light that provides a connection.

“Canyon Sycamores” hangs over the fireplace in a room where we spend most of our family time.   It is a reminder that there are all types of landscapes out there waiting to be seen.  

Some days it inspires me to just pick up my camera and go.

Catherine Hartigan is a photographer capturing images that are vivid with simple, bold color. Truly passionate about travel, she explores wherever her lens will take her.  

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