It is hard to believe that today is already January 24th – 2008! Time is such a curious element in our lives. This week I have been up at Brearely High School and the kids are doing some wonderful monoprints – and what is great is that some of them, most of them are actually admitting that they LIKE their own work! Talk about life as a mirror! When I think about all the negative self talk I can admit to about my own studio practices at times, it is enlightening to see in others how destructive a habit that is. And where does that come from???? I have an appointment this afternoon with Joy Principe, a former yoga teacher of mine and a life coach who does this new practice using the The Rubenfeld Synergy Method. I am signing up for a 3 session package as a New Year’s present to myself. I am curious to see what issues and emotions my body is holding on to so I can begin this new year and new adventure with an open heart.

Image above: Danielle Denson’s Paper Prayer (Linocut Text to be added….)

In addition to teaching, I made time for myself in my studio- though I actually did this in my laundry room- dipping my wire cutlery into a 5 gallon bucket of heavily beaten abaca and flax pulp. As you can see I hung the wet and dripping pieces from an exposed pipe in the laundry room- dripping into a bucket- and sometimes on the floor when Thunder, my pet rabbit decided to play with the bucket! The pieces dried fairly quickly- with the help of a dehumidifier placed in the room. I will down load some of those pictures later. I also spent some time printing a silk aquatint collograph plate that I had made several months using an image that has been in my mind for quite some time. The first two proofs needed some work which I have since gone back into, and will print that again tomorrow.

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