October 1, and picture perfect. Finished up another koi painting while they are still swimming around enjoying this gorgeous weather. With the onset of fall and cooler nights, I officially switched my koi food to the Fall/Spring blend, leaves are beginning to drop in the pond, as well as my portable phone. 
Transition, 2013
acrylic on canvas
24″ x 24″

Yes, it’s true. We just recently had the railing on our deck/lanai with wide steps leading to the pond. An unobstructed view was desired. We were concerned that Dini and Maggie (our Lab and Jack Russell) might come bounding out the door when I let them out and keep going down the stairs- right into the pond. A little momentum goes a long way.

Yesterday, I decided to sit and enjoy the pond for a bit while I ate my lunch. Had my dish and fork, my cell phone and the house phone as I was expecting some calls and wouldn’t you know it, just a little falter and the house phone flies out of my hands, bounces and rolls a couple of times, and plop. You got it. Down at the bottom.

I keep trying to see if I can spot it and “fish” it out. No luck. So now we are down to one house phone, from the original 3. The other I left out in the rain. Something about water and me, wouldn’t you say?

Oh well. I am grateful for another beautiful day, a pond to enjoy with my “girls” and the fact that it was not my smart phone that went for the swim. So… can you hear me now?

don’t ask.

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