I did keep a sketchbook and did some watercolors as well. We spent a couple of hours at the Butterfly Farm on the French Side of St. Martin, www.thebutterflyfarm.com. I sat on a bench with butterflies fluttering by… and on us!! Griffin and Nate, also helped with adding their own butterflies in the drawing.

It was wonderful seeing Blue Morphos in flight, as my friend from Brearley School, Janice Marsili gifted me the most beautiful ring at the end of my residency. Designed by Barbara Bosco at www.bboscodesigns.com

these rings are made from butterfly wings – all butterfly wings used are from already deceased butterflies (which is a whole ‘nother wild story – at the farm we learned that one type of butterfly is a chrysalis for 6 months only to live as a butterfly for 2 days! There must be some lesson for us in that….)

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