I really do thrive on the sunshine, the greenery and the re-birth and new birth that comes with spring. I am also working on my power point slide show for Riddle Hospital in Media, PA www.riddlehospital.org The Cancer Experience through an Artist’s Eye on Thursday June 4. Going through images over the past 7 years and revisiting my journey from the cancer diagnosis to the work that came forth has been interesting. Much of that work lives on my walls here at the Okie Gallery but putting into chronological order and giving thought to the linear and non linear way the work evolved helps give insight and perspective on the experience.

I am also fully engaged in my Koi series which comes from a different experience which may be an obvious statement but again, not really. Working intuitively the koi in the water are about color, movement and what lies below the surface. Maybe not so different than the cancer work. My body was the vehicle to explore what lies below the surface as well.

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