We are nearing the end of my residency and I am really enjoying working with Janice Marisilli’s students at Brearely. The kids are doing some beautiful work and it is so inspiring watching them become engaged in the process. It is still a constant touch and go of…. I hate this, I love this … their work, the process, school, – life, that it keeps me totally present. I KNOW the power of their work and when I can get them to see it – well, that’s what it’s all about. Some of the kids have started to work with the poet and writer Penny Harter and are very excited about what they have done with her so far. I knew of her , but couldn’t place her face… then I went to her website and realized that we have been in several NJSCA workshops together. Check out her site at:http://penhart.home.att.net/

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