Remember the 2000 movie Castaway?  Tom Hanks plays a FedEx employee stranded on a deserted island after his plane crashes in the South Pacific. 
Shari’s little face made of cherry pits and a stem on a napkin.

Seeing this little “face” on a napkin in Shari’s kitchen in Miami Beach last week reminded us both of Wilson, Hank’s silent companion in the film- a volleyball with his bloodied handprint as a face on the ball.

Wilson, from Castaway

Hanks’ character survived his ordeal through tenacity, strength, and the grace of God. His old life was no longer available to him upon his return to civilization, and we see him at a crossroads, literally and figuratively at the end of the movie.

Now as a two time breast cancer survivor I know that I, too am at a crossroads.  Different situation, different issues, but one thing I know for sure is that I need to minimize stress.

And Facebook I have come to realize for me, is not only an obvious time suck, but a stresser.  So I am taking a break for 90 days.  A trial separation if you will.  I don’t want to think about if I posted, or if I did post was it LIKED or followed or anything else like that. I want to be present, to be healthy, to make art and just BE. (right Donna?!)

I plan on continuing to blog. And hope that you will comment below (just click on the word comment and a window will pop up), or email me… or call. I love a conversation- even if its online, but like Wilson who drifts out to sea from Hank; sometimes you got to let go of what isn’t real… and continue searching for, what is. It’s a matter of survival.

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