NJ based artist Sandy Rosen is this week’s guest blogger for the Artist as Collector Series.

Pablo Picasso, 1961
Original lithograph from the portfolio
“Toro Y Toreros”
Limited edition of 150
Catalogue reference Cramer 12
Numbered in pencil
Dated in the stone
Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
Image size approx. 14.5″ x 10.5″
Framed size 29.5″ x 26″
Years ago, I became close friends with a couple of art lovers, one being an artist himself- the late Rick Celano, who at the time had a wonderful art gallery, Old Queens Gallery located in New Brunswick, NJ. (The Heldrich Hotel stands there today). 

While in the process of closing the gallery, they thoughtfully asked if I would like to acquire a few pieces of art.  I said yes, although not sure what, if anything, I could afford initially.
However, when I saw this beautifully framed Picasso, with a certificate of authenticity
I knew that this would be the one I would choose from all other works.

As a printmaker and artist, I enjoy the expressive form, drama and storytelling of Picasso, among other attributes, and have grown in appreciation of Picasso’s work so much over the years, specifically, his masterful hand at complex imagery along with “simplicity”. 

I reflect on PICASSO, MATISSE and others for inspiration, many times finding difficulty in breaking down my own barriers to “simplify” my process as well.

In addition to Rick Celano making it possible for me to own a Picasso, I have wonderful memories of his legacy of passion for and love of art which he has shared with and passed on to so many, including his daughter, Elano Celano, who is also an artist.

Sandy Rosen works in a variety of two dimensional mediums to create her visual palette of detailed marks, lines and shapes. A wise range of sensibilities are reflected in the balance and interplay of color, dimension, style and texture.

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