Bloom Where You are Planted

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:…

Ecclesiastes 3 has always resonated with me as a mantra of patience and an attempt to bring some understanding or at least acceptance of timing and how things happen at their own rhythm, which may or may not, align with our desires.

This summer marks the end of our 4th year and the beginning of our 5th year here in Pennsylvania. It takes a while to feel at home in a new place. Even if you were up for the move, the change, the adventure. The move itself takes its toll- the packing, the unpacking- still haunts my dreams at night. (remember the naked in school dreams?  well now my dreams are of boxes and rooms that I have forgotten to pack!! “how do I move all that stuff??))

Then, there is the settling in, finding a place for everything in your new home. This includes, finding your place in the community.

That takes time, can’t rush it. You can put yourself out there, or not. Regardless, I have found it takes at least 2 years to settle in, and beyond, to figure things out.  When I first moved to Hawaii I loved it, but it  didn’t feel like home at first. Just a fabulous vacation- not so bad.  I gave myself 2-5 years and sure enough by the 5th year it was HOME.

So as we begin our 5th year here, the first years didn’t quite feel like vacation, and last year was memorable in a challenging way, but now, I know the kids are all settled in, loving their teams, school and friends… and for me – I am optimistic and excited.   Just as this 5th year here begins, in the past week I applied and interviewed for the docent program at DCCA, and connected with another artist and printmaker at the Center for Creative Arts in Yorklyn, DE.  I am also taking the time to schedule in what is important in my life- and that includes appreciating the beauty of this area for the time that we are here.

Bloom where you are planted.

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