I have been having SO MUCH FUN since Ellen and I signed up as distributors with SendOutCards.
Many people have told us that they would love to have our images on greetings cards to send to people. There is this fabulous company online called SendOutCards. You can use their images, use other artists images in their Card Catalogue, and the most fun part for me is uploading my own artwork and photos, then adding captions, dialogue bubbles, festive borders- the possibilities go on and on. AND, I am using them to say Thank you, Congratulations, I am thinking of you, etc.

Oh and the best part is that is that you create them online (you can even have your own handwriting on file!) they print them, stamp them and send them!!!!! and it is so affordable- and the quality of the card is professional. No more going to the store, to the post office.

It is such a wonderful way to let others know that you appreciate and care about them. I sent one yesterday to someone at my health insurance company because she helped me appeal a claim that had been frustrating the heck out of me!

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