The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, and the days are still warm. It is Autumn at its finest. The air is also charged with politics and the economy. Trying to stay centered in this time of change and turmoil, I find myself returning to my work and my yoga and meditation practice.
I was out last week by the pond doing some monotypes with pastel. It was good to be outside, working from life and staying present. I also brought the colors, energy and energy of fish flopping about onto a larger piece with the same theme- Autumn Pond. My studio is still a work in progress, but more and more it feels like my space that I can return to.

This is also breast cancer awareness month. Ellen and I speak regularly cross country as we look for ways to continue moving forward with our book Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings and helping others in a more direct way. What I love is that the book has a life of its own. People are starting to find us and share our message with others, gifting it forward, visiting our website, or some other grace of God. Amazon, as well continues to sell the books on a regular basis through their website.

But I am especially excited that our book has been found by a wonderful new website and email newsletter. “ is a unique website whose mission is to inspire women to live a life of passion, compassion and action. Our tag line is “Look good. Feel Good. Do Good,” and we provide lots of great ways to accomplish those goals every week.”
I am inspired that there are so many women whose mission is to inspire, support and celebrate each other. Thank you Amy Krause and Lois Alter Mark. I too, look forward to reading StyleSubstanceSoul for some Soul Food.

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