On the final evening of our summer family vacation to San Diego, CA we took our dinner to beautiful La Jolla to watch the sunset over the water from the cliffs. We happened to look down at the beach at a couple just as the guy was “taking a knee.” 
It’s safe to assume that she said “Yes!”

Within moments, they were kissing and everyone on the beach was cheering. We all “knew” what the question was.  It’s not always that obvious- or simple.

Asking the right questions can bring clarity and understanding to any situation. Whether you are working with a gallery, or hiring a professional to work with you on a new venture.

Carlos capturing first layer of a new painting

This summer I began working with Carlos Hervas to create a short video that I can use to introduce people to my work.  Carlos is a professional video producer and director of television productions at the University of Delaware.

“Who is your audience, i.e. who are you making this for?” was one of the first things he asked me when I asked him about working together. That question feels like a compass that clarifies each point along the way.

He has come to my home studio twice so far to video while I work. This last time he put a microphone on me and asked questions to get me going or dive a little deeper.

A new piece often begins with a new find… I found this net
on the shores of Munson Island when I was in the Florida Keys
with my son Nate earlier this summer 2014.

The skills of writing- and speaking about your work is a powerful tool for artists.  I am finding that I really enjoying the process of working and having to talk about it, in large part to Carlos’ thoughtful and insightful questions.

For some great info on where to begin on creating a video about your work, I highly recommended ArtBiz Coach, Alyson B. Stanfield’s Blog Post and interview with R. Daniel Foster– it was what got me started!

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