Sent out my first group email this morning using MailChimp for my upcoming art exhibition at the Siegel JCC ArtSpace titled Beneath the Surface.

Koi #2 and Koi #4
acrylic on cradled board
11″ x 14″, 14″ x 11″
ready to packed up for
Beneath the Surface
Fortunately, I sent a test email out to my friend, photographer and fellow participant in Alyson B. Stanfield‘s Art Biz Boot Camp,  Catherine Hartigan yesterday, because she emails me first this this am, after receiving the email and writes…

The correct info here!

Exhibition card for
Beneath the Surface 

“isn’t the opening April 11, not April 1?” (how did that other little 1 get left out?!)

April Fool… hey it can happen. Like backing out of my garage this am and not noticing that the garage door was not all the way up. Bam!  My Thule hits the bottom of the garage door.
Good news is, while we had the repair man out he also fixed the door on the other side and now we have a new working key pad on the outside.  (Maybe I have to reconsider the affirmation Money flows to me and through me… hmmm)

Such is life. The real lesson brought home today is what Andrew Simonet, dancer, choreographer and co-creator of Artist U. calls-  having an Advisory Board. People who are on your “team”- who get your work, who you can run things by, share things with, be accountable to.  These can be fellow artists, peers, experts in their fields.

Andrew reminds us that there are people who want to help us. We are not alone. Thankfully.

Who’s on your board?

My Neu Calendar
which is new for me-
recently ordered it and am just starting to fill it in…
another suggestion from Andrew Simonet
from the Artist U workshops at Leeway Foundation..
“Get a big wall calendar, so you can see “weather patterns”

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