Tribute. 2007
Oil on canvas
48″ x 54″

Private Collection
Still here at Memorial Sloan Kettering… all is well except for some rashes and swelling that kept me here longer than expected.  I pretend that I am at a spa and am enjoying the R & R and room service!
I am on a “Women’s Only” floor. This is a more pleasant experience than 8 years ago, when I was treated in New Jersey at a hospital where there were not enough beds in Surgical Oncology. Placed on the orthopedics floor where the touch was not always sensitive and the environment not too appealing.
Here, there is art on the walls and a recreation room on the 15th floor with entertainment and activities as well as an outdoor patio.  
I quickly found some paints, brushes and paper and did a few loose watercolors, which are now pinned up in my room

The phone calls, emails and FB comments from family and friends continues to remind me how truly blessed I am.

And as in Tribute above, I am in the company of Angels who have been taking care of me.

Today’s highlight: getting my hair washed! 

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