February is over with its paper valentines and chocolate candies, but LOVE is never out of season or out of place. February is also the month of my husband Scott’s birthday (who F.Y.I. is the Ambassador of love, move over Barry White) and my Dad who comes from LOVE to his family, the waitress, the shoe salesman- you name it- and they love it!) and of course numerous other family and friends are also aquarians and pisces touched by the arrow of cupid.

We saw President and Mrs. Obama kissing and hugging everyone in line and around them as they worked their way through the crowds last week for the President’s address to Congress.

Saw this doodle from my son Griffin on the counter this morning…he has earned a dog and we have found one on treetops.com who we met yesterday. Her name is Lily and I think it was love at first sight between a boy and his dog. She is working through kennel cough meds and we will make our final decision based on her prognosis. keep you posted. but the message for him is animals=love

I caught some of Sponge Bob the other afternoon. Mr. Crabs wants to know what is taking Sponge Bob so long to get the crabby patty order out. “I’m adding the Love, Mr. Crabs,” is his response. Got to love that yellow guy!

And last week, I got to see Barb and Marian in Philly; the city of Brotherly Love! how fitting, just need to change it to the City of Sisterly Love!

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