There is something so yummy – so luminous, so… seductive about encaustic, the medium of pigmented wax. And relatively simple, as Joanne Mattera writes in her comprehensive guide The Art of Encaustic Painting– “The basic formula for encaustic can be summed up in six words: melt wax, add pigment, paint, fuse.” 
encaustic, oil, collage on panel
12″ x 24″

And that my friends will be what I am teaching tomorrow, Saturday, March 29 from 10 – 4 at my Encaustic Workshop at DCAD.

More, 2001
encaustic, copper leaf, collage on panel
12″x 9″

And as Joanne Mattera adds in the section about Encaustic in the Twenty-First Century, “it is not paint that makes the painting, but the artist.” And there are lots of us…

Catherine Nash‘s computer interactive book on DVD, Authentic Visual Voices: Contemporary Paper & Encaustic offers a compelling opportunity to see the work of 28 artists who work with paper and encaustic through interviews that Catherine completed over a 2 and a half year road trip. These recorded studio visits are followed by images by more than 100 international artists (including me!)

I was introduced to the medium at a workshop taught by Francesca Azzara many years ago at the Arts Guild of NJ in Rahway and have been hooked every since.

See one, do one, teach one.

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