Philadelphia area artist, Katee Boyle is this week’s guest blogger for our Artist as Collector Series.

Abstract Swirls
Water color on paper
18 x 24″
©2013Jag Deshpande
collection of Katee Boyle

I have been graced with a painting titled Abstract Swirls by Jag Deshpande.  This framed watercolor on paper hangs in my house situated between two windows that face East
and welcomes the morning sun before the rest of my home sees the light of day.

Each day starts with passing by this painting and not one day has gone by where I
have not stopped, even for the briefest of moments, to be thankful for it’s beauty. To me, this piece of art is delicate and dreamy and strong and powerful in one full swoop.

Somedays, the transparent yet vivid marks from this water color serve as a gentle light that is guided by a map of thoughts. It is a sense of direction that reminds me a story of the past, a
guide for a road to travel in the future.

Somedays, the gentle movement of the artist’s strokes creates a calming dance in my soul before the frantic morning activity of my children has me spinning off balance.

Somedays, the paint swirling in delicate circles creates a sound that breathes life on to the surface of the paper; marks moving gently across my wall, a full orchestra of uncluttered
Somedays, I simply stand back and enjoy the beauty of it’s colors and the spectrum of strokes from the artists tools. For me, it is stopping to smell the roses.

I don’t expect to ever know the artist’s perspective on what he painted and why and quite frankly, I have never thought that important about art. I am of the opinion that it is not my business,
nor anyone else’s why an artist creates. If a piece of art commands just one reaction, it is beauty, it has meaning. I read a comment that Jag wrote about his work and it really made my smile,
I have been enjoying abstract for the last few years. It is very easy for common folks to find faults in realistic painting, not so with abstract. They just don’t say anything”.

Jag’s work is alive, non-discriminately waiting for the viewer to discover what it means to them.
Katee Boyle is an artist, illustrator and co- founder of BizziGirlsa Social Marketing organization in Southern Chester County that supports local causes and businesses. 

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