I was in my studio yesterday. It had been a while that I had a chunk of time and was committed to working on my wire and encaustic pieces. Things weren’t going quite as I planned/hoped/

“saw” in my head. I was starting to get a bit frustrated but had enough presence to not let those negative tapes start running in my head. Working on my yoga off the mat and in the studio can be a challenge for me, especially when I am not “in the zone.” I reminded myself its like when I swim laps…the first 20 or 30 are more of an effort, I am counting, strategizing, etc. but then there is this subtle shift in consciousness- and I am there. Can’t force it to happen, just happens.
But there I was in the studio, frustration yapping at my heels, when The Boss- my old Monmouth County “neighbor” Bruce Springsteen starts singing on my CD player…
It takes a leap of faith to get things going
It takes a leap of faith you gotta show some guts
It takes a leap of faith to get things going
In your heart you must trust

Sure enough…with a little patience and trust some interesting things started to happen…images forth coming in the near future. In the meantime here is my piece titled Walkabout.

Thanks for the reminder Bruce!

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