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February’s issue of O Magazine is all about Creativity.

Breezing through the magazine I came upon a side bar of particular interest titled 7 Ways to Spark Your Creativity. (Who doesn’t need a spark this snow covered January day?) by designer Anna Rabinowicz.

At the top of the list is a book recommendation, Not a Box by Antoinette Portis in which “a rabbit sits in a cardboard box and uses his imagination to transform it into a racecar, a mountain, a robot.”

Our Rabbit, Thunder
using her imagination

Not only do I have a pet rabbit and I know how creative she is, but I figured I could use this approach to
see my upcoming brain MRI in a new way.

Old way: Claustrophobic tube with a jack hammer in my head. (VERY SCARY)

New way:  A very cool time travel, space ship …
Some time to chill and not have a phone stuck to my head or my fingers dancing on the computer keys
Time to practice yoga/meditation off the mat (even though that was checked off my bucket list last week when I had an hour and a half breast MRI!)
A full body massage (ok that’s a stretch)

The Quest, 1988
Oil on canvas
40″ x 40″

Any other ideas out there?

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