This Artist as Collector post is from Tatiana Garmendia 

Ben Shahn

Since the studio is the public area of our apartment, I actually took down most of the art that wasn’t ours this summer. This way,we’re ready for studio visits. But we’ve kept some of our favorite pieces up in our bedroom. Of these, the one I look at before I go to sleep each night and wake to is probably the most inspirational and reminds me that all lovers feel as my husband and I do- like we’re one. It’s a litho by Ben Shahn of a couple kissing. I love Ben Shahn’s wonderful scraggly line quality. 

Speaking of collections, I have a huge collection of prints, most of them from print exchanges.

I did the Cascade Print Exchange last year. The print you contribute gets printed in a catalog, is exhibited, becomes a part of the university’s permanent collection, PLUS you get back the loveliest images. No cost, just SASE. If it sounds good to you and your readers, it’s listed half-way down the page in that URL. 

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