Beginning and endings are often the hardest part of anything- a relationship, a transition, a work of art.

I jump in with both feet, my husband Scott on the other hand, gives careful consideration to everything he does.

Detail of Life Line 1 wire, pulp, encaustic, collage ©NanciHersh

Detail of Life Line 1
wire, pulp, encaustic, collage ©NanciHersh

Granted, once he commits, he’s in. But getting him there, that’s another story.

We were set up as a blind date by my brother and a mutual friend. I was visiting family on the east from Hawaii. Our time together felt magical from the beginning. I knew he was the one, he says he knew it, too. But it certainly didn’t feel that way during those two years of protracted flights and long periods without seeing, or sometimes even hearing from him.

It turns out he just needed time.

Mixed media installation by Nanci Hersh

Life Line I, installation with wire, pulp, encaustic, collage, chair, and cast resin tea bags.
Waiting seems to be a recurring theme of mine. Wonder why???

I saw that first hand when we went to a museum together. I go in with a mission; seeing as much as I can see, and circle back to take in the pieces that interested me the most. He, on the other hand, is ten steps behind- carefully considering each piece before moving on.

In the studio, I also jump in, beginning with an object, an image, and idea. Honestly, I’ve been known to rush a piece, not always giving it the time it needs to go from good to better to nailed it. This past weekend I spent time revisiting a painting and sculpture giving them both some additional attention.

Mixed media painting and sculpture by NanciHersh

Studio Shot of Reverberate (acrylic, mixed media and spray paint on canvas, 24″ x 30″.
Untitled (for now), steel, wire, pulp, encaustic, pantyhose found objects. ©NanciHersh

Sometimes, its good to begin where you left off and go from there. Other times, you have to start anew. The thing is you never know until you jump in- with both feet.


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